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On Trustees’ Week, we wanted to give people a chance to understand the thoughts of some of our Trustees.

Our second Q&A this week is with Daniel Goodman, Chair of our Board.

➤ How do you think you can make a difference to Stonegrove Community Trust in your Trustee role?

DG: I hope I can continue to guide and lead the trust towards its various goals around community, the environment and the long term sustainability of our centre

➤ How long have you been in your role and what changes have you seen in your time here?

DG: I have been chair of trustees for the last ten years, three years prior to Goldsmith construction, building OneStonegrove.

When we first opened in 2016, we had one paid consultant/PM, who along with an assistant helped the trustees facilitate meetings and guide the trust in terms of fiduciary responsibility, setting up processes, procedures, frameworks and so forth.

We had also negotiated the lease of the centre to the Hive foundation, who alongside the trust took responsibility for the operational management of the centre.

Eight years on and we have parted ways with the Hive Foundation, and we have a team of approximately 10/11 strong, working directly for the trust, under the guidance of our brilliant CEO, Gus Alston.

➤ What impact is the cost of living crisis having on your local community, and your work at SCT?

DG: The local community has changed significantly since I moved in 12 years ago. We now have a vary diverse community and some are impacted more than others by the cost of living crisis. I think the full effects have yet to be seen. On a personal level this is serving to motivate me and the rest of the team to drive forward our environmental and sustainability ambitions.

➤ How do you balance your time as a Trustee and other activities/roles?

DG: I work for myself and am able to be flexible with my working hours and location. I am also good at organising and prioritising, which ensures I am able to give the proper amount of time and energy required to drive the trust forward.

➤ What is the best part of being a Trustee?

DG: The opportunity to be part of something that is truly special and makes a difference in so many peoples lives. It has also afforded me the privilege and opportunity to learn an incredible amount about the 3rd sector, my local community and the people who live here.

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