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The Stonegrove Community Trust have a series of values that help us to achieve our objectives by setting out a framework of mutual expectations that staff, Trustees, residents and partner organisation should understand, and have the opportunity to measure us against.

*We are planning to revisit our values in 2021, once we have recruited new Trustees.

Transparency:  We work with and for the residents of the area of benefit, and aim to be completely open and transparent about how we do that.

Collaborative:  We believe in the values of co-design and co-production. We will work with residents and partner organisations, using a strengths-based/Community Organising approach to build community capacity and resilience.

Quality:  We will strive for quality in everything that we do. This means ensuring the highest standards of project and activity delivery, and also ensuring that we keep our amazing OneStonegrove building at least as wonderful as when built.

Inclusion: We are an open, collaborative charity welcoming to all regardless of background, ability or need.

Creativity:  We will think creatively and innovatively when exploring how to best meet the needs and wants of our community. We will test and learn, taking sensible risks and ensuring that we find the best solutions to local issues.

Learning:  Education and training is highlighted within our organisational mission. We will go beyond this to embed learning and the sharing of skills and knowledge in the every-day management of the charity. We will invest in and build the capacity of staff, Trustees, volunteers and residents. Only by investing in people will we reach our potential as a community.

Showing leadership locally, and more widely

We believe that as a charity we should behave ethically and responsibly, and show leadership in how we run our organisation and building. We believe that how we do what we do, is every bit as important as what we do. We have decided on two specific areas of focus related to this responsibility, on which we want to achieve highly and demonstrate to other similar charities what is possible.

A personal view: too much information about ‘what’ we plan to do, and not enough about ‘why’.

We’ve got a section on mission/vision/values below – while it’s great to expose some core elements of the strategy and business plan, I do slightly worry it’s a bit info overload (and sets up the prospective trustee wrong – it’s going to be their job to steer and keep calling the organisation back to mission/vision/values, not manage the operations!)

 These sections and the few following I think land really well.

As a charity organisation, we rely entirely on donations to keep up the work we do. Every donation matters, no matter how big or small.DONATE
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