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On Trustees’ Week, we wanted to give people a chance to understand the thoughts of some of our Trustees. So there are going to be a few Q&A’s this week, firstly with Graeme Davidson, who joined our Board recently.

➤ How do you think you can make a difference to Stonegrove Community Trust in your Trustee role?

𝑮𝑫: I’ve only recently become a resident Trustee so not had a chance to really make any impact so far. However, I am hoping to be able to use my background in marketing to boost the Trust’s profile. I would love to see everyone in our local community coming to the centre and using the marvellous facilities we have there.

➤ How long have you been in your role and what changes have you seen in your time here?

𝑮𝑫: Only about a month! So I can’t report many changes in that time.

➤ What impact is the cost of living crisis having on your local community, and your work at SCT?

𝑮𝑫: There’s been a lot of talk around the price of gas and electric over this winter. However, Edgware Green is serviced by two community boilers and our supplier is actually contractually obliged to keep their prices fixed for a year – this should be a good help for everyone over the winter months as we’re not experiencing increases in gas consumption. Electricity, on the other hand, is going up. For the Trust, there will be similar impacts so we need to work as a team to make sure the outcomes don’t negatively impact the good work we’re doing in the community. Plus, we have a food bank that will help those most in need tremendously.

➤ How do you balance your time as a Trustee and other activities/roles?

𝑮𝑫: I try to free up some time during the weekday evenings to ensure I am progressing with the work to do with SCT. I own my own marketing business so it can be pretty hectic at times, but I am enjoying taking on the additional workload.

➤ What is the best part of being a Trustee?

𝑮𝑫: I signed up for Trustees Unlimited a number of years ago as I wished to become active in this field. However, I couldn’t find a local role so I was delighted when my name was put forward as a candidate for joining SCT. I have always had a keen interest in charities and the work they do – and both of my parents were social workers so I had an upbringing which had its fair share of involvement in helping others. Therefore, the best part of being a Trustee is that proud feeling of being involved in something which can make a difference in people’s lives no matter how big or small.

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