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We believe that the climate crisis is the biggest issue facing our planet. It is something we will strive to work together with the local, national and international community, to ensure many generations to come will be proud of us as a human race. 

As a charity, all at Stonegrove Community Trust are committed to protecting and enhancing the environment for future generations. This means we will act responsibly, considering environmental, social and economic factors in all our decision making. We believe we have a responsibility to take action on this issue, and that how we do what we do is every bit as important as what we do. 

We aim to act as an example to others: to charities, community centres and residents to strive to making changes which lead to positive impact. 

If you have been inspired by this in any way, or would like to find out more, we welcome thoughts and ideas. Please contact Poppy our Environmental Projects Coordinator by email 

Gardening Club 

We run a weekly Gardening Group for local residents. We offer gardening expertise, and a social environment where people can come together to green our estate.  

So far we have built new raised beds, planted herbs, shrubs, vegetables and fruit. We want to generate engagement in urban green space & food growing.  

Find out more about our Gardening Club. 

Community Recycling Station  

At the beginning of 2022 we set up a Community Recycling Station in OneStonegrove. This supports local residents in recycling items the Borough does not collect. 

We recycle a range of items, including: 

Bring your items to OneStonegrove whenever we are open, and we’ll be happy to show you where you can leave them. If you need any help, just ask. 

More details on which items can be recycled at OneStonegrove.

We will publish audits on the amount of recycling we collect here in due course.  

Find out what should go in your recycling, as well as information about reuse and repair: Barnet Council recycling and waste information

Water Refill Station 

We have a water point just inside our front door- ask at reception if it is your first time here.

We love finding ways to reduce plastic waste, and it can be as easy as starting with one less bottle. Next time you are in the area, bring in your re-useable water bottle to refill at OneStonegrove!

OneStonegrove’s environmental impact 

Net Zero

Carbon Net Zero is the target of completely removing the amount of greenhouse gases produced by human activity, this is achieved by reducing emissions and implementing methods of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Emissions are still being generated, but they’re offset by the same amount elsewhere.  

Most national and international climate goals are aiming for net zero by either 2030 or 2050. To reach it, emissions must be reduced, but offsetting emissions are also necessary to reach the goals. 

In our January 2021 Trustee meeting, we committed to becoming a Carbon Neutral charity and building by the end of December 2023. This is an ambitious target date, however we believe this is achievable based on the work that we have done so far, including:   

  • Installed Heating Save building control systems, which will reduce heating energy usage by 33%, and our organisational carbon footprint by 15%. 
  • Completed a feasibility study on the installation of a large solar array of 222 panels for the OneStonegrove centre. As of September 2022, we are in the process of obtaining funding. We have pledged £14,000 from our own funds towards the Solar PV project as a match fund, to show our commitment towards making this project successful. In partnership with Power Up North London, we have been granted £12,318 from the London Community Energy Fund. 
  • Committed to working with a waste management company – First Mile – that are Zero Net Carbon/ zero to landfill, at has an increased cost to us.  

The future 

We have ambition plans for continuing our environmental work, which includes: 

  • Installation of solar panels on the roof of OneStonegrove 
  • Installation of electric vehicle charging points, as part of our planned car park redevelopment 
  • Annual eco audit reports, to be published on our website. 
  • Creating an Environmental Policy document 
  • Completion of a feasibility study for air source heat pump in OneStonegrove 
  • Networking with and supporting others wishing to take action 

Barnet VCFSE Environmental Network  

Stonegrove Community Trust co-founded Barnet VCFSE Environmental Network with Inclusion Barnet in 2019.  

The network is led by Inclusion Barnet with support from our Environmental Projects Coordinator, and currently has over 75 voluntary organisations signed up from across the Borough. This network meets online every month, and sends out fortnightly newsletters including raising environmental issues, sharing insight, linking partners and funding opportunities.  

You can sign up and read back issues of the environmental newsletter here  

As a charity organisation, we rely entirely on donations to keep up the work we do. Every donation matters, no matter how big or small.DONATE
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