Rooms for Hire

Our rooms are available to hire for meetings, community activities, parties and other private functions on the following days and times:

Monday – Friday

9am – 9pm


9am -11pm


3pm – 10pm

For more information on availability and rates and to arrange a visit please give us a call.

Why not book OneStonegrove as the special location for your party & celebrations?

OneStonegrove is a wonderful venue in which you can gather your friends and family. It is an ideal place for both small and intimate gatherings. We have facilities to accommodate up to 120 guests and can offer additional services to enhance your experience such as full audio and video capability via an inbuilt sound system and LCD screens.

Choose OneStonegrove for a celebration in our Goldsmith Hall or alternatively, come and dine in the DALO Café.

Wilberforce Hall

Size: 155.20 m2

Facilities: Chairs, Tables, portable music/public address system, 4 wall mounted screens speakers, baptism pool

Capacity: 120

Suitable for: Parties, Wedding Receptions, Conferences, Baptisms and more.

Goldsmith Hall

This room can be divided into two rooms when split by a folding partition

Size: 131.42 m2

Facilities: Chairs, Tables, Kitchenette, portable music/public address system, 1 wall mounted pull down screens, 2 No. (one per room when split by folding partition)

Capacity: 80

Suitable for: Parties, Wedding Receptions, Conferences and more.

Treatment / Consulting Room

Size: 13.96 m2

Facilities:  Kitchenette

Capacity: 4

Suitable for: Private consultations, counselling sessions, beauty treatments.

Garrick Room

Size: 28.75 m2

Facilities:  Tables, Chairs, portable smart tv. Can be linked to laptop via HMI cable

Capacity: 12

Suitable for: Conference Meetings, Training workshops.




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