Opening Times

9am - 9pm

OneStonegrove is a superb venue for events and parties of all kinds, including family, business, and community events. Our largest room can accommodate up to 120 guests, and both halls have separate external entrances/exits for ease of access.

Our rooms feature speakers and LCD screens to enhance your experience and to make planning your event easier, and a small cafe/commercial kitchen is available for use upon request. Parking is available on site.

Our rooms are available from:

Monday – Saturday6am – 11pm
Sunday6am – 10.30pm

Please note that music and other entertainment must finish 15 minutes before the function end time.

Additional time can be booked for the clear up after the time above. These times are when are guests at the event need to have vacated the building.

Wilberforce Hall

  • Wilbeforce Hall is our largest room which boasts a triple high ceiling and stunning natural light. The room features 4 wall-mounted speakers and LCD screens, a baptism pool. This is a great place for Parties, Bar/Bat-Mitzvahs, Wedding Receptions, Conferences, and more.
  • Includes 80+ chairs.
  • Size: 155m2
  • Capacity: 120

Goldsmith Hall

  • Goldsmith Hall can be adapted for events of all kinds. The room can be divided into two with a built-in folding partition. There is a wall-mounted screen and a built-in sound system. This room is perfect for Seminars, Training, Conferences, Parties, and more.
  • Includes 60+ chairs.
  • Size: 131m2
  • Capacity: 90

Garrick Room

  • Garrick Room is the perfect room for conference meetings, workshops, and other smaller event and activities. There are tables and chairs, and an optional portable smart tv that can be linked to laptops via HDMI cable.
  • Chairs and tables provided within the hire charge for this space.
  • Size: 29m2
  • Capacity: 20

Hourly Rates

Wilberforce Hall£60/hr£40/hr£70/hr£46/hr
Goldsmith Hall£50/hr£33/hr£60/hr£40/hr
Garrick Room£30/hr£20/hr£35/hr£23/hr
*Resident is considered anyone with a postcode starting HA8 8. The discount is 30% off of the full hire charges.

Registered Charities will get a 50% discount from the regular rate.

If you would like to enquire about hiring any of our rooms, or if you would like to arrange a visit, please call us on 020 8357 0923 or email us at

We have a range of additional resources available to hire for your event or activity, at an additional charge.


The Garrick room has its own tables included as part of the hire charge. For the Wilberforce and Goldsmiths room you will need to book the number of tables that you require. A maximum of 15 tables can be cooked per space, or 20 total if you book exclusive hire. Charge of £3 per table.

Slush machine

We have a high quality branded Mr Cool slush machine. This is provided filled with three delicious flavours, and dispensed from within the cafe kitchen. Our staff member organises the filling, dispensing and cleaning up afterwards. The charge is £200 per event, and you choose a 2hr window for unlimited servings, or until the slush runs out.

Gym/floor fans

We have three powerful 20″ floor standing fans available. Often used for our dance and fitness classes, but also perfect for keeping your dancing guests cool at your party. These are charged at £20 for the length of your event.

TV screens

The TV screens are different in each space. In the Wilberforce there are up to four available, and one each in the Goldsmiths and Garrick. To use these we charge £25 per event.

Large cool box with ice

This is a very large and high quality Eskimo cook box on wheels, supplied with ample ice to keep your drinks cool. Works most effectively if you bring the drinks already cold, as otherwise will melt the ice much more quickly. £50 per event.

Flip chart

Provided with paper and pens. Charge of £15 per event.

As a charity organisation, we rely entirely on donations to keep up the work we do. Every donation matters, no matter how big or small.DONATE
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