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On Trustees’ Week, we wanted to give people a chance to understand the thoughts of some of our Trustees.

Our third Q&A this week is with Councillor Lucy Wakeley, who recently joined the Board.

➤ How do you think you can make a difference to Stonegrove Community Trust in your Trustee role?

LW: I’ve only become a Trustee very recently. However, as a local councillor, before I became a Trustee, I did support the Trust in getting funding from the council for the solar panel project. This should save the Trust a lot of money in the long run and therefore mean more money can be spent on supporting residents.

➤ How long have you been in your role and what changes have you seen in your time here?

LW: I have been a Trustee for less than a month so no noticeable changes yet!

➤ What impact is the cost of living crisis having on your local community, and your work at SCT?

LW: We are all concerned about the cost of living. The OneStonegrove building and the staff that work there provide support for so many residents. I would encourage all residents who are struggling to reach out for support. Whether that is through your local council (and councillors) through SCT or to other support groups including the foodbank. I was also very encouraged to see that at the recent eco fair hosted by SCT that there were the Energy Doctors there who offer support with how you can reduce your energy bills and consumption.

➤ How do you balance your time as a Trustee and other activities/roles?

LW: I think the key to balancing your time is good planning and also good communication with the other Trustees. This planning means I don’t just schedule in meetings to my diary but also schedule time to prepare for the meetings and read through the papers.

➤ What is the best part of being a Trustee?

LW: Although I have only been a Trustee for a short period of time my favourite thing for sure is that it gives you an incredible opportunity to engage with the local community. This week I attended the Eco-Fair. I met with residents, local business, local charities, and activists. I had some really interesting conversations and even bought some goodies to take home. If you are looking for a way to have a great impact on your community becoming a trustee of a local charity or community centre is an incredible place to start.

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