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On Trustees’ Week, we wanted to give people a chance to understand the thoughts of some of our Trustees.

Our third Q&A this week is with Gilead Limor, a founding Trustee of Stonegrove Community Trust.

➤ How do you think you can make a difference to Stonegrove Community Trust in your Trustee role?

GL: I believe that I have brought a variety of skills to the Trust that have contributed to SCT and OneStonegrove in many ways since I first joined, including design and branding, governance and communications. I have a keen interest in several of the upcoming projects the Trust will undertake, including the proposed redesign of the outdoor areas.

➤ How long have you been in your role and what changes have you seen in your time here?

GL: As a founding trustee, I have been involved with the Stonegrove Community Trust for almost 10 years and have watched the Trust and OneStonegrove come alive from plans on paper and evolve into a central and vibrant part of the lives of people in the local community. The change in OneStonegrove’s role during the pandemic is testimony to the Trust’s ability to adapt quickly to evolving situations, and its ability to listen and respond to the needs of the community as these change.

➤ What impact is the cost of living crisis having on your local community, and your work at SCT?

GL: I feel that the cost of living crisis is going to hit the more vulnerable people in our community the hardest. This winter will be particularly challenging both for the Trust, and those who depend on us for support. I am hoping that we can offer warm communal space for those who can not afford to heat their homes adequately, and find additional ways, such as a food bank role, to help our community through these difficult times.

➤ How do you balance your time as a Trustee and other activities/roles?

GL: The trustee role, while very important, is not one that demands exclusive focus for long hours day to day. As it is important for trustees to keep open ears and eyes to the community, we communicate with each other in a dedicated WhatsApp group on a regular basis, and can address some issues in real time without it impacting on our other activities. Using online technology enables us to fit our trustee responsibilities into our everyday lives.

➤ What is the best part of being a Trustee?

GL: It is the satisfaction I feel when there is clear evidence that our work and effort is being recognised and appreciated, and is bringing positive change and effective support to the community. I take pride knowing that we can, and do, make a difference to so many people in our community, making every minute invested in Trustee duties worthwhile.

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