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Everyone is aware that going green can impact the future of the planet in a positive way and we at OneStoneGrove Community Trust are committed to ensuring that we do our part. As part of our Environmental initiative, we wanted to provide some useful learning on our website that can ensure our residents are thoroughly equipped with information and initiatives that you all can get involved in and provide information about our initiatives.

Our recycling station

We now have our own recycling stations and initiatives!

You can recycle at OneStoneGrove

  • Batteries: We arrange for these to be collected Recycle-more
  • Printer Cartridges: We arrange these to be collected by Recycle4Charity whilst rasing money for OneStoneGrove
  • Electrical items: We arrange for these to be collected by squareboxrecycling
  • Mobile phones: We will send these to be re-used as part of the Community Calling Campaign in partnership with O2.
  • Dental products: We will send these to be recycled with the recycling programme provided by Tetracycle

Please make sure to follow the instructions on the poster information.

We will also be able to continue to provide audits on the amount of recycling we collect.

Tips to reduce your carbon footprint

  • Focus on zero-waste such as reusable coffee cups and water bottles, beeswax wraps instead of cling-film,
  • Don’t leave your taps running. While you brush your teeth turn the tap off. Also remember you can recycle your old toothbrushes or buy an eco-friendly bamboo one for just £10 on Amazon that lasts just as long as a normal toothbrush.
  • Check packaging carefully to see whether it can be recycled or not and ensure not to contaminate your recycling. If it is covered in food waste, it can only be recycled if you clean it first. Educate yourself on what items are recyclable.
  • Bring your own cutlery and reusable lunch box for work!
  • Keep a reusable bag with you for your shopping
  • Consider cutting down on your meat in-take per week
  • Unplug appliances that you aren’t using – can save energy and money
  • Switch to Led bulbs!
  • Support your local farmers market to buy fruit and vegetables. Chances are they are local and have not had to travel so far.
  • There is no need to buy new clothes from fast fashion brands for every occasion. Re-use your old ones and get creative! Or sell your old clothes on apps like Vinted or do a car boot sale.

Recycling initiatives on the Highstreet:

Boots Recycling scheme: Boots are trialing a recycling scheme where you can bring your empty beauty, health, wellness and dental products, from any brand, that can’t be recycled at home and they will also reward you for doing so!

Boots are using Scan2Recycle technology, developed by partners Metrisk and MyGroup, to create a unique solution that helps the environment and rewards customers at the same time.

What to do

  1. Finish your products and keep hold of them
  2. Register online
  3. Scan your products and upload to the website (24 hours)
  4. Take your emptied to one of the participating stores and scan the QR code on the deposit box
  5. Receive your reward  (5 empties &10 spend = 250 Advantage card points)
  6. Packaging gets recycled into new products

For more info: and closest participating store is Broadwalk Shopping Ctr, Edgware, Greater London, HA8 7BD

The Maybelline Recycling Scheme: Anyone can participate in the programme by dropping off their empty makeup packaging in a collection box at one of the participating stores. You can recycle any brand of empty makeup packaging through this programme.

Unaccepted Waste:

  • ​Glass bottles (e.g. foundation bottles and cream eyeshadow jars)
  • Wooden eye pencils
  • Makeup brushes
  • Nail varnish
  • Aerosol containers

Once they receive the makeup packaging, they sort it by material type and clean it if necessary before the recycling process can begin. The packaging is shredded and extruded into plastic pellets. These pellets can then be used for several rigid plastic products like benches.

Closest store is Superdrug Edgware Broadwalk, Unit 24 Broadwalk Shop Centre, Station Road, Edgware, HA8 7BD

LUSH: Lush gives you a free face mask for returning plastic packaging for recycling. All you have to do is bring five empty Lush containers back to its stores (in one go!). Lush then send your old pots to their supplier to regrind and remold them into a whole new batch of pots. You can now also return any Lush plastic packaging, like bottles and makeup packaging, and receive 50p off your next purchase for each item handed in.

H&M: If you’ve any textiles items, such as socks with holes or broken bras, which are unsuitable to sell or give to charity, stick them in a carrier bag and head to your nearest H&M. It can be any fabric – not just H&M clothing. Employees will then exchange your bag for £5 off a £25 spend. H&M members will also receive 20 points for every bag of textiles that they recycle. For every 100 points you collect, you unlock a £3 Bonus Voucher, so for every five items returned (earning 20 points for each), you get £3 vouchers in addition to the £5 one.

Levi: Every Levi’s store and Outlet has a recycling box where you can drop off denim from any brand. You can save 10% off a single item when you bring denim in for recycling. Recycled jeans can take on many new functions, but denim recycled by Levi’s will be used as materials for building insulation, a portion of which will go towards community-oriented projects, such as libraries, hospitals, and schools.

John Lewis: If you return five beauty empties to a John Lewis counter, then – as part of the chain’s BeautyCycle scheme – you’ll get £5 off your next John Lewis beauty purchase.

You can return most empty make-up or skincare products including beauty jars, tubes, bottles, and make-up products from any brand. They must be full-sized, not samples, and you’ll need to be a John Lewis member to claim the reward. You can also get £9 off by recycling clothes through the John Lewis BuyBack scheme. Return up to three items of John Lewis clothes, or brands sold there, and you’ll get £3 per item in credit to spend in-store that same day.

Marks & Spencer

Marks and Spencer has teamed up with Oxfam to give shoppers a £5 M&S voucher when they hand in old clothes. Your donation must include at least one M&S garment and the voucher can only be used on clothing, homeware, and beauty products worth £35 or more. M&S also gives members who dump their unwanted clothes into its ‘shwop bins’ 50 Sparks points as part of the shop’s loyalty scheme. The clothes will then be either sold in Oxfam charity shops, send to people who need clothes all over the world, or recycled to make more materials.

As a charity organisation, we rely entirely on donations to keep up the work we do. Every donation matters, no matter how big or small.DONATE
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