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Free Play is a Stonegrove Community Trust project providing weekly play sessions for local children in Edgware, Barnet. Our playwork approach means children direct their own play using loose parts and materials, proven to develop independence, creativity, conflict management, social skills and teamwork. 

4-7s Free Play 

4-7s Free Play runs on Thursdays from 3.30-5.30 in Goldsmith Hall. With loose parts including NudelKart, we build what we can imagine. Snacks for children are provided during the session. Parents are welcome to wait in the cafe area, where refreshments are available. 

Family Free Play 

Family Free Play runs every second Saturday of the month from 9.30am-12.30pm, suitable for all children aged 2 and up to attend with an adult. We‘ll be in the Goldsmith Hall, or outside in good weather, so bring your imagination, curiosity, and clothes for playing in and outdoors. With loose parts including Kitcamp, we’ll make structures to climb and play in. A drop-in family gardening session in the community garden offers nature activities for kids. A free lunch is provided for children, and refreshments are available for all ages. 

What is ‘free play’? 

There are two main types of play: free play and guided play. Guided play is when children play with an adult towards a learning goal. Free play is when children have full freedom to play in whatever way they want.  

A learning goal or topic is called ‘content’, one of the “6 Cs” of learning. Most children have access to lots of guided play in school and other formal education settings, as they need to learn set content as part of the curriculum. However, there are 5 other Cs involved in learning that can be experienced in free play – collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creative innovation and confidence. 

Why Free Play?

This is a great session for your children to have fun and make friends. We asked children why they like the Free Play sessions. They told us they like it because:

“It’s fun and exciting.”

“I can make new friends.”

“I like colouring and painting.”

“Because you can do parkour and my friends are here, not all my friends are in school.”

Parents told us they bring their children to Free Play because:

“When she comes she has a bit of independence.”

“She loves coming, she feels like she’s an engineer building things with the NudelKart.”

“Because he’s bored and has no other after school clubs.”

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Download our Free Play Project Impact Report (pdf) for March to July 2022 .

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