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Bread n Butter

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Bread n Butter CIC in partnership with avid food fermentor Eka Davies



Bread N Butter Cafe Onestonegrove, 5 Hayling Way, Edgware, HA8 8BN

Edgware, England, GB, HA8 8BN

Sauerkraut workshop

In this hands-on workshop you will learn the basics and benefits of fermenting foods and whilst sipping a complementary glass of prosecco, make your own jar of sauerkraut to take home and enjoy! -so bring a jar (approx 500ml). Participants will savour a variety of fermented foods and drinks during the session.

The aim of the workshop is to Introduce you to the art of fermentation and encourage you to have fun exploring, creating and enjoying fermented fruits, vegetables and drinks by harnessing the power of microbes that are free and abundant everywhere.

Fermented foods:-

Improve gut and mental health.

Create delicious foods, bursting with probiotics and nutrients.

Preserve food Old Country style.

Reduce food wastage.


Eka Davies is an avid food fermenter. Her journey into the food fermentation began a few years ago when her friend suffered chronic stomach complaints, with doctors unable to help her and desperate for a solution, she stumbled across and began to consume milk Kefir, a living organism that causes milk to ferment creating an abundance of probiotics. After drinking the fermented milk every day for a few weeks, her stomach problems were resolved– Eka had to know more and became obsessed with particular ingredients, they are free and abundant, they are everywhere – microbes.

Since olden times humans have harnessed the power of microbes to preserve food and to enhance its flavour. There is a renewed interest in this ancient alchemy. She has a particular interest in celebrating culturally diverse fermentation traditions.

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