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Who are you?  

I am a life coach and Community Connector at OneStonegrove. Before my time at the centre, I was working as a Financial Advisor at various banks and institutions. I decided to give up work to become a Carer when various members of my family became unwell. My Mothers’ funeral and hearing the eulogies of how my Mum served her communities really made me question my own life and think about what would be said at my own funeral one day as to my contribution to this world. I asked myself what am I here to do in this life? What is it that I have that I can bring to this world? My answer: confidence and empowerment.  

Shortly after the funeral, I had a dream about being on a stage inspiring an audience of people. I didn’t really know in detail what I was doing but I did know it felt good and right. I checked an email that morning and had an invite from the London Coaching Academy to sign up for a free trial taster workshop in Life Coaching, I’d never heard of the term before but took it as a sign and registered. Since then, I became a Life Coach and help empower others so that they can live their best in this world. Personal coaching is where I see people change as they come out of their comfort zone rather than conforming beliefs of their society, culture or social circles. 

‘I asked myself what am I here to do in this life? What is it that I have that I can bring to this world? My answer: confidence and empowerment

That’s what I love also about the Befriending Service which I run as I am able to empower others in our neighbourhood to have the self-belief that they can create change in their own lives as well as that of others. I have made some real connections with residents and now, I can’t not carry on the work I am doing- it’s just too important. 

What do you do at OneStoneGrove?  

I was originally employed as a Community Connector and hosted a few Community Listening events in Feb 2020. In the beginning, this was very slow, and we had a handful of individuals who came to the events. We wrote down the names of those who came to the events and when the pandemic hit, I contacted the residents again to touch base and that is when I started the befriending service. 

As time went on, l I found myself getting to know more and more people. I listen to them and see how I can try and help empower these individuals to make positive changes for themselves. I also put individuals in contact with other services like Age UK, other residents and other wellbeing services. I have also during the pandemic spoken to a few youngsters who have been struggling with anxiety and depression and have signposted them to relevant organisations for support.
Why do you love what you do?  

I love to see the change my work makes in people’s lives in a positive way especially those who thought they could not achieve something and go on to achieve much more than they thought possible. Even at our lowest, we can still bring something to the table! That’s empowerment. 

As a charity organisation, we rely entirely on donations to keep up the work we do. Every donation matters, no matter how big or small.DONATE
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