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Sarwat Minhas, August 3rd – 31st 2023

Sarwat Minhas is a local artist based in Edgware and has a career spanning more than four decades. After gaining her Masters in Fine Arts, she has had many exhibitions held in Pakistan and London. Sarwat has been teacher at various levels for most of het career and held many workshops in London. She has also sold artwork for a variety of Charity Auctions. All proceeds from this exhibition will also be going to charity. 

Calligraphy has also been a passion for Sarwat. Using Mixed Media, she enjoys pairing beautiful scenes with delicate Calligraphy. However, her work is mainly focused on Landscapes and Floral scenes, which she will be sharing with us in this Exhibition.  

During her time as a member of the Harrow Visual Arts Forum, Sarwat was able to join other local artists in painting local Landscapes. Now Sarwat is elated to be able to share her work with her community and is excited for what the future holds here at OneStoneGrove Community Center! 

Maysa, Fatima and Assiya, Nature, 4th July-1st August 2023

Maysa (7), Fatima (9) & Assiya (10) wanted to be involved with the Onestonegrove art project.

They enjoy art, especially painting and have created some nature pieces to be displayed at the community centre.

Assiya has been drawing and creating art since the age of 3. She gets her influence from tiktok and park outings, which shows in her drawings. She has chosen night skies and horizons for her display.

Fatima is 9 years old. Since she was 4 year of age she has liked art including drawing, painting, clay sculptures and making figurines. She has only grown to like art more and gets her inspiration from outdoor nature thus the reason they went with nature. She is happy to display her art at the onestonegrove centre.

Maysa is 7 years old and liked art and creativity since age 5 and her sister Fatima inspires her as well as YouTube videos.

Gilead Limor, June 5th – July 2nd 2023

From his early teens, Gilead has embraced the world of art as a multi-discipline artist, as a teenager simultaneously immersing into the surreal with a series of watercolour artworks, sketches and line art creations while composing and recording original rock, electronic and avant-garde music, rendering architectural visualisations, perfecting the art of photography and acquiring darkroom skills. 

Though much of his 20s and 30s were devoted to music production and the performing arts, Gilead returned to focus on visual art and photography towards the end of the 90s, focusing on architecture, nature and street photography. This is an area which still occupies a fair degree of his artistic attention today. In 2012, Gilead began to explore the nude form, initially collaborating with life modelling collectives such as Spirited Bodies, and also working with individual models and groups to create photographic tableaux. This resulted in three distinct collections of works: Do You See Me? (2012), Organism (2014) and A Look at Ourselves (2016-2022). Gilead continues to explore the nude form both in photographic art and fine art, using pencil, charcoal and ink for the latter.

A late adopter to acrylic painting, Gilead first began to explore this medium in 2019, initially exploring the subject of walls. Since 2022, under the guidance of art teacher and curator Ronald O’Neal Best RCA, Gilead has developed a distinct style, and has produced a series of paintings on a variety of subjects, including the works on display at this exhibition. Gilead is associated with the Portobello Group of Artists and regularly exhibits in group exhibitions organised by Notting Hill Visual Arts and the Westway Trust.

Head of artist Gilead Limor from side on, he has short brown hair and glasses.

Judith Devons, 1st May – 5th June 2023

Celebrating Life: Screen-prints and mixed media works by Judith Devons

OneStonegrove, 5 Hayling Way, Edgware HA8 8BN 

Judith Devons is a free-lance printmaker, painter and ceramicist. In this one-person show at OneStonegrove, she shares screen-prints and mixed media works celebrating life – from natural forms to memories and traditions. All are one-off , original pieces using many non-traditional printing techniques. 

Judith has exhibited her work in the UK, USA, China, Italy and Israel. As well as taking on commissions, she leads printmaking and ceramics workshops for all ages and abilities – in schools, community centres, residential homes, galleries and museums – and also leads small masterclasses in her home studio in North London.

 She is a member of East Finchley Open Artists at where there are website pages of her work. Also visit her website at

For sales, workshops and commissions, email or text 0757 243 7766.

Head and shoulders of Judith Devons, a White female-presenting person who is smiling. Judith has shoulder-length dark hair and glasses.
An image of a screen print of brightly coloured birds inside a faint circle, with two grey birds outside the circle.

Roberta Brasola, 4th – 26th April 2023

Roberta Brasola was born in Padua, Italy, in 1992, and is London based since 2012; abstract expressionism artist with a unique self-taught spraying, dripping, pouring and spreading paint technique. It’s controlled yet casual. Not a single painting can be reproduced twice.

Roberta’s work can be viewed as a study of contrasts of black and white; the interplay of control and precision versus serendipity that evolves and mutates into a free expression of emotion splashed dripped or poured on the canvas also in brilliant displays of colours and forms.

Contrasted backgrounds create depth and perspective in her abstract work, but with an almost hyper-realistic definition in which Roberta transmits a vibrancy of motion and fluidity onto her paintings; bursts of colour and black lines that result in happy accidents where proportionality and constraint give way to the actual experience of freedom created by the artist and experienced by the viewer. Drippings, brushstrokes, sprayed paint and various effects, monochromatic or colourful done with a surprising assuredness of execution, without a trace of hesitation, coexist on a same surface creating a rich universe, one that is organic, rhythmic and alive.

Initially inspired by experiments with spray paint and pure ink on canvas surfaces, Roberta’s intention throughout her various recent series of abstract works has remained the same, yet always innovative to capture and freeze a vibrant and colorful moment of her feelings and life experiences in time and space.
Roberta consistently expresses her passionate and inquisitive character in her abstract paintings in the simplest way, spontaneous works that push the bounds of creativity with experimentation, brilliant colors and striking forms. In summary she is visceral, striking and powerful, living and organic, guided by the love and bond of her family.

Her subject is feelings that are coming from the daily life, in particular deep love and inexpressible emotions. All of these powerful emotions we have hidden somewhere inside of us, for example if we feel gratitude, joy, peace or love mixed with the fear and restlessness that can sometimes overwhelm and overtake our days moods and minds.

She wants to inspire people to feel and express their emotions any way possible more and more.

Find out more about Roberta

Roberta Brasola, a White, female-presenting person, with long dark hair, is wearing a white top and white trousers, standing in front of a white sheet and canvas frames, surrounded by paint pots. Her clothes have streaks of dark paint on them.

Esperanza Walsh, 1st – 31st March 2023

Esperanza Walsh, a visionary artist who imparts her thoughts and insights through her art, is exhibiting her works at OneStonegrove in March 2023. The exhibition depicts the beauty of flowers in loose watercolour created though the spontaneous and free flow of colours on paper brought to life through the artist’s own perspective.
Esperanza is currently a youth worker at St. Augustine’s Church in Colindale and shares her artistic gifts with the community through art workshops and art for wellness sessions for elderly, adults, children, and special needs individuals and groups.
Among Esperanza’s celebrated works are “Picadilly Circus” featured in Average Art Magazine in August 2017, “My Countryside Paradise” based on M J Ford’s photo, ‘Along the Tissington Trail’ and “Field of Poppies” inspired by the poppy display at the Tower of London in 2014 both in SAA’s Paint magazine, September 2016 Issue.
Many of her artworks can be seen at

Head and shoulders of Esperanza, a White female-presenting person, with dark hair tied up, and dark glasses.
Watercolour of sunflowers in a vase.

We are delighted to be able to welcome work from talented local artists to our community space at OneStonegrove.

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