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While we are extremely proud of our work throughout 2020, and into the present, the urgent need to respond to crisis has partially pulled us away from our ambition to put local residents in the lead, working alongside them and helping them to bring about positive change in the local community. We are now resuming our services and expanding.

We launched the North West London Social Acton Hub, in partnership with Clitterhouse Farm, and affiliated to the national charity Community Organisers. This will allow us to offer quality assured and accredited Community Organising training, which aims to equip people with the confidence, skills and tools to transform their communities, collaboratively and collectively bringing about the changes that they wish to see. This training will be offered free of charge to all local residents within our area of benefit, and where possible to other regular OneStonegrove centre users and attendees.

Alongside this approach, where residents have ideas or projects that they want to try out, we will offer free use of the spaces within OneStonegrove, access to office/IT, training in other areas, and help generally to grow their confidence and skills. As a result of our partnership with Peabody Housing, we are also able to offer small grants of up to £500 for each project.

Since early 2020 our Community Connector Beaj, who is also a local resident, has been speaking with residents about their skills and ideas, and listening to their stories. The Covid-19 pandemic has massively slowed down this work, but she has still now spoken to almost 100 local residents. In Spring 2021 we should have two young people joining us on six month contracts as Trainee Community organisers, and together with our wider team they will be aiming to speak to 500+ people over six months, running a Community Listening exercise. This is about moving beyond simple surveys and consultations, and instead really taking time to understand the people that make up our local community.

In Summer 2021 we aim to create a report (name TBC) to reflect back to the local community what we have heard from them. To find the common themes, ideas and issues that interest and affect local people, so that we can then explore how best to work together to make positive sustainable changes. As social distancing measures reduce late in 2021 we will start to again bring people together in OneStonegrove, to listen, learn, make connections with each others, and begin to create the community and local area that we want to see.

Another big priority in 2021 is to launch a youth work programme. We are focusing first on the 8yrs to 16yrs bracket, with some older young people involved as Young Leaders, helping to deliver the sessions. For this work we will be partnering with the FUSE Youth Project, which is run by Harriet Boamah who used to do youth work on the estate, and knows our area well. Within the youth project at OneStonegrove there will be an emphasis on youth social action, engaging and inspiring the leaders of the future, and empowering them to begin making meaningful impact and change, bringing their inspiration and ideas to life.

On the next pages we outline our Vision, Mission, Values, and also a couple of areas in which we are focusing on making real impact in the coming years.


Our vision is to be the facilitator of one community within the Stonegrove Estate. A community that works and plays together, for the betterment of ourselves and the local area.


Our overall organisational mission has two strands, as follows:

  1. The provision of the OneStonegrove centre, available and attractive to the local community, and particularly to the following two groups:
  2. All residents from the Stonegrove estate.
  3. Local residents facing disadvantage, such as through age, disability, or particular social or economic circumstance.
  4. The provision of services and activities, working towards the following aims:
  5. Improvement in resident’s socio-economic position.
  6. Education, skills, training, particularly around employment, business skills and helping to create financial self-sufficiency.
  7. Promotion and improvement of public safety and the prevention of crime.
  8. Promotion and improvement of public health and wellbeing.

We take a flexible approach to achieving the above, using our significant physical assets for the benefit of the local community, and building on the many strengths and assets within our community and local area.

As a charity organisation, we rely entirely on donations to keep up the work we do. Every donation matters, no matter how big or small.DONATE
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