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Who are you? 

I am a Community Organiser trainee. I graduated from Nottingham University and studied Environmental Science. I am a person who loves to speak to new people, start new conversations and learn new things every day.  My aspiration would be to be well-travelled, to meet as many people and to learn as much about the world as I can. In my spare time, I knit and I enjoy starting new things. I have just taken up embroidery and in lockdown, I learnt how to roller skate! If I see a new skill I can pick up on TikTok, I go for it! I give everything a go. You only have one life! I also spend time with my family, and we go to the park every day.  

‘I get paid to talk to people! What’s not to love!

 What do you do at SCT? 

A lot of everything! We have a Listening Café where we speak to residents from the estate and sit, chat and have a coffee most days. We discuss issues or topics that are important to them and how we can facilitate the action needed. We learn on the job, and we are currently on the Community Organiser course offered by SCT.  The first session was hugely insightful, and it was a good opportunity to meet residents with different opinions. I spend a lot of time listening to members of the community and since attending the course I’ve learnt about stepping back and my emotions when listening to people’s stories. I really think people need to be heard and they need to be empowered to take action. 

We are also currently contacting new clubs and societies who could start their activities at the centre which will give new opportunities to residents. We also recently planned a party on a Saturday which was hugely successful, and we plan on having more. It was a great way to meet the local community and have fun!  

Why do you love what you do? 

We talk to lots of different people who are grateful for the centre and what it offers them.  Yesterday, we spoke to a father of seven in the playground who expressed his appreciation for our time listening to what was important to him and his children. I didn’t know this job existed before I found the opportunity through the Kickstarter scheme and I am grateful for the opportunity. I get paid to talk to people! What’s not to love! 


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