Meet the Trust

Dan Goodman – Chair

Dan is the Chair of Stonegrove Community Trust. He moved to live on Stonegrove 5 years ago, and has been involved with the new Centre for the last 3 years. His mission is to build and operate a community centre the residents of Stonegrove will be proud to call their own. In his professional capacity Dan does Business Development & Mergers & Acquisitions for a multinational engineering and defence contractor. In his spare time Dan volunteers on a number of different voluntary boards. He is married and has two children.

Dan’s vision is to see the new OneStonegrove Centre at the heart of the community and the development, and for it to be a Centre that is sustainable, secure, and with a broad variety of services and facilities catering for youth, family, elderly and disabled people from the local and surrounding areas.

Rev Simon Rea

Rev Simon Rea has loved living with his family and working on the Stonegrove Estate as Pioneering Minister at St Peter’s Church since 2008. He is passionate about seeing the local community flourish which is why he is actively involved with local organisations including the Stonegrove and Spur Road Community Group, SureStart Advisory Board and Edgware Ward Panel. He also chairs the New Solutions Steering Group which oversees the Stonegrove Estates’ Youth Project and the Day’s and Atkinsons’ Almshouse Charity.

Julie Okpala

Julie is a senior citizen (over 70) from an African background with a passion for community and personal development. She has over 20 years’ experience in sourcing funds and executing empowerment projects, research and programme evaluation. She is a retired Professor of Geography Education and an expert in Measurement/Evaluation and Quality Assurance in vocational programmes.

Julie is a mother of five (now men) and a grandmother. Having brought up her children alone, as she was widowed when the last born was barely four, she loves empowering young people to keep focused, live good lives and maximise their potential. She currently leads a Life Group (Edgware Parish Bible Study) for young people in her residence.

Having lived and participated actively in Stonegrove community activities since 2004, Julie is now a Licenced Lay Minister in St Peter’s Church Stonegrove, Edgware Parish of the Church of England. Apart from participating actively in church programmes, she recognises loving, serving, supporting and improving the community as an inseparable part of Christianity. This was the driving force behind her motivation to volunteer to serve in the Shadow Community Trust which was later formalised and legalised as the Stonegrove Community Trust.

David Bagg

David is a civil servant working for HM Treasury on tax policy. He moved to Stonegrove in 2016 because he was inspired by the diversity of the estate and the opportunity to be part of a real community. David’s vision for the Trust is that it helps people living in Stonegrove to meet with and learn from one another. He is particularly keen that the Trust works in partnership with other organisations to help people (especially young people) develop their skills and improve their work opportunities.
Alongside supporting the Trust, David is studying to become a chartered tax adviser, and enjoys rugby, cricket, and computer games. He attends St Peter’s Church.

Aggie Nowocien

Aggie is a new member of the community, having moved to Stonegrove just over 2 years ago. From very early on, Aggie has taken an active role in the promotion of OneStonegrove and undertaken many tasks, from doorstep surveys to pottery painting at fun days. All while balancing her professional life as a designer, artist and business owner.

Born and raised in Poland, Aggie has lived abroad for most of her adult life. Travelling has given her the opportunity to explore many different cultures and become involved in lots of exciting community projects.

Aggie hopes to use this experience to help facilitate a programme of diverse activities and events at OneStonegrove.

Ingrid Beale

Ingrid has taken an active interest in the community around her for a number of years. She wants to ensure that the local community receives maximum benefit from the work carried out by the Trust. Ingrid works in accounting, and is a mother of four grown up children.

Angela Gibson

Angela has lived on the Stonegrove estate for 17 years with her partner and now has two children. Angela is an active member of St Peter’s Church and is very passionate about the area, the people and the facilities available to local residents. Angela is looking forward to this challenging and active role of being a trustee for SCT, and she is also a member of a charity that works with children and adults with physical and learning disabilities.

Jason Houston

Jason is currently the Regional Housing Manager for family Mosaic Housing Association, and so brings to the board a wealth of experience around contract management, building management, and managing finance derived from over 10 years’ experience in housing.

Gil Limor

Gilead works as a creative media specialist, coming from a background in audio-visual and music production, video production and visual arts. Within a voluntary capacity, Gilead is a congregational and liturgical lay-leader for Kol Nefesh Masorti Synagogue, and leads many of the annual cycle services for the community. Further afield, Gilead serves as a director on the board of the Association of Professional Recording Services, and is a trustee and executive officer of the National Music Council. Gilead also takes a keen interest in education and is a school governor and former chair for Fairway Primary School and Children’s Centre in Mill Hill. Gil is keen to bring his knowledge from his professional and voluntary vocation, and apply it for the benefit of Stonegrove Community Trust and the new community centre.

Katie Walch

Originally from the North, Katie moved to London in 2015 and has lived at Stonegrove since 2016, with her now-husband. Katie is a chartered accountant at an accountancy firm in the city. She very much enjoys living in North London for its accessible amenities, abundant green spaces and friendly people. Outside of work, Katie considers herself an avid amateur-baker and budding knitter.

She has been a Trustee of Stonegrove Community Trust since summer 2017 and is keen to help the Trust continue their good work within the community. Bringing her wealth of accounting experience to the Trust, Katie is keen to maximise the resources to serve the community.


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